Webinar on Nonviolent Communication


The Samiti as part of the ‘Webinar Series: Covid -19 Outbreak” organized a webinar on “Non-Violent Communication” on May 16, 2020. The webinar was organized in association with Blue Bells group of Schools, Gurugram. Dr. Vedabhyas Kundu Programme Officer was the key speaker at the workshop. The webinar was moderated by Ms. Mansi of GSDS. 78 participants took part in this webinar.
The webinar began with the address of Mrs. Alka Singh, Principal Blue Bells Modern School who spoke about the necessity of one-to-one communication and how communication influences our and others’ behaviour.
Shri Dipanker Shri Gyan, Director GSDS in his welcome address necessitated the need of establishing peaceful communication at all level and stressed on reducing misunderstanding amongst peer groups. Expressing his lament that violence has crept in the society, he said most of the time the reactions are quite impulsive and this impulsiveness creates repulsive reactions. He said that what should be done is to realize that ‘heat’ doesn’t emerge during communications with one another and relationships should be established.
Conducting the workshop on Non Violent Communication (NVC), Dr. Vedabhyas Kundu spoke of different theories and their practical applications. Speaking about the five key elements of communication, he spoke on the context of the Indian Culture and pointed to the five pillars of NVC – ‘Respect’, ‘Understanding’, ‘Acceptance’, ‘Appreciation’ and ‘Compassion’.
Elaborating his point further, Dr. Kundu quoted Marshall Rosenberg, according to whom: “Nonviolent Communication is founded on language and communication skills that strengthen our ability to remain human, even under trying conditions. It guides us in refraining how we express ourselves and hear others” and said that there is a need to develop a ‘cosmo-centric’ approach towards human beings and living creatures around us. While referring to eminent Gandhian Late Natwar Thakkar, Dr. Kundu said that there’s a need to understand inner self and go deep within.
Through his presentation he reflected on the power of language, compassion, positivity and mentioned that one needs to avoid moralistic judgment and also avoid stereotyping. Dr. Kundu stressed on the art of compassionate listening which he felt should be cultivated.
The interactive session of the webinar saw a number of participants asking varied questions on principles of NVC and its relevance today. Among those who interacted included Ms. Siddhika Sharma, Dhairya Kumar, Kunika Sharma, Sanya, Riya Bhatia, Mayank Sharma, N. Vashistha and Vanshikha.