Wardha Maharashtra Seminar on Mahatma Gandhi and Indian Languages


The Samiti in association with the Department of Gandhian Studies and Peace Research of Mahatma Gandhi Antarashtriya Vishwa Vidyalaya (MGAVV) Wardha Maharashtra organized a two-day seminar on “Mahatma Gandhi and Indian Languages” on January 23-24, 2020 in the MGAVV campus. Prof. Kusumlata Kedia, Vice Chancellor of the MGAVV inaugurated the seminar as the chief guest. Dr. Nriprendra Prasad Modi, Convenor of the seminar welcomed the gathering and also highlighted about the importance of the seminar in the present context.
Professor Kedia said that in order to know the reasons behind the language problem in India, we need to know the 19th century Europe. In 19th century Europe there was the spread of nationalism with which the phase of disunion started. “There has never been a language problem in India, but of late it has started.” He said that once upon a time when Sanskrit was the language of the whole of Central Asia, which can be called as unified India in a unified manner, hence the languages derived from Sanskrit bind India.
Contributors to the seminar analysed social movements and philosophical discourses, raising fundamental questions about the nature and process of the unfolding process of Gandhi’s concept of language as a medium of communication in reaching out to thousands in the remotest corner of the country and seeking their participation in the freedom struggle. The speakers also analysed the power and depth of communication that Gandhi used to address multitudes of people through his writings and speeches.
Spread over two days, a distinguished forum of speakers comprising eminent members of academia, research scholars, and domain experts representing the fields of political science, sociology, human rights, philosophy, anthropology, economics, history, law, gender studies gathered to present their ideas, addressing the many dimensions of the communication techniques of Mahatma Gandhi.