Strength behind Mahatma Gandhi’s Ahimsa was his Truth: H.H. Namra Muni

150 Years of Mahatma Gandhi

“Aaj sanskar ko pura vishwa namaskar kar raha hai Aur Mahatma Gandhi ne aapne jivan, aur charitra me sanskar ko aaapnaya hai. Tabhi,woh yug purush kahelate hai. (Today the whole world is saluting values and ethics, and Mahatma Gandhi has adopted those values and ethics in his life and character. Thus he became a Yug Purush)”, said Jain Muni Rashtrasant Rev. Gurudev H.H. Shri Namramuni Maharaj at the culmination of the pilgrimage Ahimsa Sadbhavna Yatra that began from Rajkot to Kolkata to Varanasi and then to Delhi covering a distance of approximately 2700+kilometres as part of the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Rashtrasant Rev. Gurudev H.H. Shri Namramuni Maharaj was addressing a gathering of almost 200 people in Gandhi Smriti on February 26, 2020 after he offered his tributes to Mahatma Gandhi at the Martyr’s Column in Gandhi Smriti, the place of Mahatma Gandhi’s Martyrdom. This dialogue on “Ahimsa and Sadbhavna” was organised in association with
He further said that the seeds of character building, values, morality, truth and ethics were germinated in Mahatma Gandhi at a very young age and Gandhiji had spread these values through his various experiments by upholding the dignity of human beings to the core.
While referring to the 19-day interaction between Mahatma Gandhi and the Jain Sadhvi Rev. Ujjwala Kumari Mahasati ji in 1945, when Gandhiji had spent 19 days in the Jain Muni’s Ashram, Rev. Namra Muni ji said, “The transforming role of saints in the life of Mahatma Gandhi can be seen through his actions. Gandhiji was given the vow by the Jain Monk Shri Bechar ji (Sthaakwasi Gujrati Sampraday) in the presence of his mother Putlibai that Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi would not taste alcohol; he would not eye other woman in England; he would not eat meat and Gandhiji had kept his promise throughout his life”.
Other monks of the order also shared their views on the occasion. They said that Mahatma Gandhi was a lie defeater. He had continuously introspected upon truth and led his life through a spiritual awakening. They further said that Mahatma Gandhi had become a shravak (one who follows the vows given by Lord Mahavir) through his actions.
A book on “Mahatma Gandhi and Jainism” by Dr. Amit Rai Jain, Director Shahjad Rai Research Institute, the co-organiser of this dialogue was released by Rashtrasant Rev. Gurudev H.H. Shri Namramuni Maharaj on the occasion.
Rashtrasant Rev. Gurudev H.H. Shri Namramuni Maharaj ji also presented a memento with an exhibition panel of rare photographs of Mahatma Gandhi’s meeting with Jain Sadhvi Rev. Ujjwala Kumari Mahasati ji in 1945. Ahimsa Sadbhavna Awards were also presented to many workers for their contribution to the welfare of the society. GSDS Director, Shri Dipanker Shri Gyan was also one of the recipients of the award.
Earlier Shri Dipanker Shri Gyan felicitated Rashtrasant Rev. Gurudev H.H. Shri Namramuni Maharaj ji by presenting him a statue of Mahatma Gandhi, Charkha and Angavastram. Sharing his perspective on peace, Shri Dipanker Shri Gyan said that at a time when violence and conflict has taken over society, the seed of ahimsa (non-violence) is being germinated through this dialogue. “For us to have to become human, we’ve to understand Mahatma Buddha, Mahatma Mahavir and Mahatma Gandhi for their principles can only reduce the flames of violence.