Strategies of conflict resolution in classroom, an exploration discussed in e-workshop


A two-day e-workshop on “Strategies of Conflict Resolution in Classroom” was organised by Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti on June 9-10, 2020 for students and teachers of different colleges and universities across the country. Dr. Sazia Mansoori, Assistant Professor Aligarh Muslim University was one of the key speakers along with Shri Dipanker Shri Gyan, Director GSDS who gave an introductory address to the webinar; and Dr. Vedabhyas Kundu, Programme Officer, GSDS. The Webinar underlined the necessity for an effective measure to be taken in the classrooms and establish a cultural of peace & making connection with students for a healthy environment. 45 participants took part in the two-day e-workshop.
Delivering the webinar’s keynote lecture Dr. Vedabhyas Kundu, Programme Officer, GSDS explained the different dimensions of conflict resolution in classrooms via using non violent communication techniques. He talked on how conflict management helps in reducing stress and friction and referred to the Gandhian approach of non-violent communication skills. He further said that Mahatma Gandhi was one of the greatest volunteers. He talked on gandhian approach of volunteering.
Dr. Kundu further observed that in today’s scenario one can only calm a confronting situation by controlling one’s thoughts and actions by avoiding stereotypes, evaluating language and be more empathetic towards others. Dr. Kundu integrated the nonviolent communication techniques with media literacy which he said was very important for teachers in taking students in the right direction in today’s media scenario.
Dr. Shazia through her interactive presentation talked in detail on how to deal with this situation of mapping language, integrated design thinking, measures to overcome in a scenario and how to create real life empathy opportunities. Different analysis of conflicting situations arising in family, school and offices were also discussed during the webinar. Various situations in which peer mediation is encouraged amongst students were also discussed.
Earlier Mr. Dipanker Shri Gyan inaugurated the session. He spoke on the anger management issue and resolving them without the conflict. He focused on the Gandhian approach to deal with conflicting situation. He also spoke on mutual communication as an essential feature of mediation. Through his presentation he addressed the reasons of conflict in classroom and also discussed the ways of resolving conflicts. While talking about culture all over the world that practices settlement of arguments by peaceful persuasion rather than power, Shri Dipanker Shri Gyan said that ancient villages had one skilled leader who would help people solve their problems. He further stressed on the necessity to develop a culture of dialogue for which the participants need to be allowed to express their feelings and needs. He further stressed on the essence of team work and shared the ideas of active listening for bridging the communication gap.
The webinar concluded by sharing assignments to the participants that included creative reflection exercises which could be used to achieve a win-win-situation for the conflicting parties by establishing dialogue, understanding sentiments with and empathetic attitude and having an open mindset.