Immunity Enhancement through Yoga and Meditation


The Samiti in association with the Yoga Club & IQAC of PGDAV College (Evening), University of Delhi jointly celebrated the 6th International Day of Yoga (IDY) through an on-line lecture-cum-demonstration by Dr. Navodita Pande on Acu Yoga and Ms. Anuradha Mehra on Breathology.
The lecture began with the welcome address by Dr. Vedabhyas Kundu, Programme Officer GSDS where he outlined the importance of yoga in creating a self discipline amongst individuals. He also spoke about the gift of yoga which the world is acknowledging today in this time of stress. This was followed by the address by Dr. R K Gupta, Principal, PGDAV College, Evening. The others who addressed the gathering included Dr. Shruti Vip, Convener, Yoga Club, PGDAV College, Evening. Shri Gulshan Gupta, North East Coordinator GSDS moderated the session along with Dr. Shruti.
In his address, Dr. R K Gupta while reiterating the theme of the 6th IDY stated that yoga is not merely a physical exercise. It is a concept that elevates the body and mind at a spiritual level. He also spoke about the activities of the ‘Yoga Club’. He also said that in this pandemic, yoga is being taken as a catalyst to boost the immunity of the body.
The session saw a demonstrative lecture by Dr. Navodita Pande, who besides explaining the concepts of ‘Acu Yoga’ and also based her lecture on how pressure points assists in helping reduce physical ailments. She also spoke on ‘yoga for immunity through five asanas. She said that “Yoga stimulates meridians which can heal the body and which play a major role in energising those meridians that assist in the flow of energies in the body”. While mentioning about acupressure, Dr. Navodita said that ancient India practised acupressure and is used for messages in a scientific way for spiritual and physical transformation. Through various exercises Dr. Navodita showed how regular practise of these yogasanas can benefit people and rid them of various illness.
In her session on Breathology, Ms. Aradhana from Chandigarh demonstrated the various techniques of healing through breathing exercises and led the participants into a journey of the mind through these techniques. She said that easy and reflective breathing can help not just in reducing stress and anxiety it can also heal people overcome difficult times.