Gandhi and Buddha can light us in our enlightenment: Shantum Seth


GSDS in association with ‘Ahimsa Trust’ organised a dialogue with almost 55 international participants from different parts of the world on a pilgrimage in the path of Mahatma Gandhi and Gautam Buddha. The delegation was led by Dharmacharya Shantum Seth of Ahimsa Trust. The members offered their tributes to Mahatma Gandhi at the Martyr’s Column in Gandhi Smriti on December 22, 2019.
Later in a dialogue with the participants, Dh. Shantum Seth said, “We are meandering through life and Mahatma Gandhi and Buddha guide us in our path of righteousness. Buddha’s ideas and Gandhiji’s use of these ideas in practical life is an example of sacrifice for humanity, which we all must follow”, adding, “Mahatma Gandhi and Buddha can light us in our enlightenment”.
Speaking about the concept of ‘ahimsa’ or nonviolence, Dh. Shantum Seth said, “In every Indian, there’s a string of Gandhi and these strings can build civilisations on the lines of ‘ahimsa’.
Speaking about spinning, he further said that “Spinning was Mahatma Gandhi’s constructive meditation, for Gandhi always wanted his country folks to be self sufficient and thereby have their own economy of permanence”.
Earlier Dr. Vedabhyas Kundu spoke on the initiatives of the GSDS and said that compassion, sympathy, empathy and understanding of the concepts of non-violence communication can usher in dialogue and peace.
On this occasion, Shri Dharamraj spun on the charkha which some of the delegations also tried to learn.