Discourse on “A Gandhian Path for a Global Non-Violent Planet” organised


GSDS organised a day-long discussion on “A Gandhian Path for a Global Non-Violent Planet: Strategies of Action for a Culture of Peace” in Gandhi Darshan on December 9, 2019. In this discussion, eminent Gandhians and other enlightened people of the country discussed on the procedure to establish peace in the world and the importance of non-violence in world peace. The chief speaker was Venerable Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche. Shri Laxmidas, Vice President of Harijan Seva Sangh moderated the discussion.
Inaugurating the discussion, Prof. Rinpoche said that if we expect change, then we have to change ourselves first. Only by changing ourselves, we can ask others for change. To end peace, we must first understand what is the root cause of Ashanti? Violence is the root cause of Ashanti (disturbance). The root cause of violence is malice, ignorance is the cause. So first we have to end ignorance to end the malice. The end of malice will end the violence, and the end of the violence automatically establishes peace. The Buddha said that the end of malice will not be with malice, but through malaise and compassion, hatred can be eliminated. Therefore, it is very necessary to end the animosity to try peace.
The others who took part in the discussion included: Shri Sri Krishna Kulkarni, great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi and member of the Gandhi-150 Committee, Dr. Ashok Pradhan, Director Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Vice Chancellor of Shobhit Vishwavidyalaya Shri Kunwar Vijendra Shekhar, Senior Prof. of Delhi University Kailashnath Tiwari, Senior Gandhian and educationist Shri Baldev Raj Kamra, Mrs. Indu, Mr. Rajeev Vohra, Dr. Prasoon Chatterjee, Dr. Pramod Kumar Saini, Mr. Gopalji, Neelima Kamra, Shashiji, Mr. Subhash Gupta and others.