August 1,1947

Gandhiji reached Srinagar.

August 4

Reached Jammu.

August 5

Spoke at Gurudwara Punja Saheb ; addressed prayer meeting at Wah Refugee Camp.

August 6

Reached Lohore; answered questions put by Con-gress workers; in evening left for Patna en route to Calcutta.

August 8

At Patna, addressing –prayer meeting said that 15th August should be celebrated by fasting, spinning and prayer.

August 9

Reached Calcutta; put up at Sodepur Ashram.

August 10

Gave interview to congress Ministers of Bengal; received Muslim deputation; at prayer meeting announced decision to postpone visit to Noakhali by two days.

August 11

In response to H.S.Suhrawardy’s request to extend stay in Calcutta,proposed to live with him and work to-gether till every Hindu and Muslim was safe.

August 12

At prayer meeting , announced that he and Suhra-wardy would live and work together in disturbed areas until peace was restored.

August 13

Moved into “Hydari Mansion” in riot-affected area where , on arrival faced angry demonstration by Hindus.

August 15

Observed Independence Day by fasting , spinning prayer.

August 16

Had discussion with Rev. John Kellas.

August 18

At prayer meeting , offered Id greetings to Muslims.

August 19

Visited industrial area at Kancharapara where Police had resorted to firing near a mosque.

August 20

In interview to Press, declined to comment on political matters as he wanted to utilize the media for Hindu-Muslim unity.

August 21

Spoke at women’s meeting.

August 22

Answered questions put by Kasturba Trust trainees.

August 24

Invited readers’ opinion about the desirability of continuing Harijan weeklies.

August 30

Was described as “one-man boundary force” by Mountbatten in letter. In interview, told Randolph Churchill that he still considered partition a “sin”.

August 31

Addressed Muslim Merchants at Grand Hotel . Faced violent demonstration but escaped unhurt.

September 1

Deeply disturbed by cruption of violence , went on fast at 8.15 p.m. to be given up “only if and when sanity returned to Calcutta”. In talk with Rajagopalachari , refused to give up fast.

September 2

Put off scheduled journey to Lahore; in evening , had talks with Sarat Chandra Bose and P. C. Ghosh.

September 3

Had discussion with Hindu and Muslim representatives.

September 4

Broke fast after assurances from leaders of all communities to stop riots and maintain communal harmony.

September 5

In message to Shanti Sena Dal said: “My life is my message.”

September 7

Visited Gobra Leprosy Hospital and spoke to patients and staff; left for Delhi .

September 9

Reached Delhi; put up at Birla House.

September 11

Gave interview to Sikh deputation; visited Irwin Hospital.

September 12

At prayer meeting, referred to disturbances in North-West Frontier Province.

September 16

Spoke at R. S. S. rally ; abandoned prayer due to objection to recitation from Koran.

September 17

At prayer meeting , exhorted people to curb anger to qualify themselves for independence.

September 18

Addressed Muslim gathering in Daryaganj mosque; had discussion with Suhrawardy.

September 21

Addressed prayer meeting although prayer had to be abandoned, as recitation from Koran was objected to.

September 22

Announced decision to continue publication of Harijan weeklies.

September 24

In discussion with Jam Saheb of Nawanagar, advised rulers of Kathiawar to remain united.

September 25

In talk with J. B. Kripalani, reiterated opposition to permanent exchange of population.

September 26

Had discussion with Suhrawardy.

September 29

At prayer meeting, expressed disapproval of un-founded Press reports.

October 2

On his 78th birthday when advised by doctors to take penicillin , declared that Ramanama was his sole remedy.

October 6

In Speech read out at prayer meeting emphasized need for self-sufficiency in food.

October 9

Had Discussion with Suhrawardy.

October 11

Spoke to Gujaratis who presented purse in honour of his birthday.

October 13

In Speech at prayer meeting emphasized need for cleanliness and sanitation in refugee camps.

October 17

In letter to Julian Huxley, wrote:”rights to be deserved and preserved come from duty well done”; gave interview to Gujarati correspondents of All India Radio.

October 19

In afternoon, explained significance of silence to Lady Handes.

October 20

Addressed prayer meeting.

October 22

Had talks with Christian pacifists and Muslims.

October 25

Had talk with communists.

October 26

Advised Muslims to resolve on Id not to spill blood but to offer it as sacrifice.

October 27

At prayer meeting called upon the Services to rise above communalism.

October 30

Advised Sind Congress leaders to settle down in villages, if they had no courage to return to Sind.

October 31

At prayer meeting exhorted people to uphold their religion without any fear.

November 1

At prayer meeting, referred to condition of refugees in kurukshetra and events in Kashmir. Met Horace Alexander .

Before November 2

Gave interview to Ronald Stead.

November 2

At prayer meeting referred to events in Kashmir.

November 3

At prayer meeting, Spoke in favour of lifting food control.

November 4

Addressed prayer meeting.

November 5

Gave interview to Chinese delegation. At prayer meeting referred to Kashmir issue.

November 6

Attended food Committee meeting and discussed removal of food control. At prayer meeting , referred to his proposal of lifting food control . In interview to Chinese delegation gave message of peace and non-violence.

November 7

Had talk with Indonesian visitors. Visited Tihar village. At prayer meeting , advised refugees in Delhi to become self-supporting citizens.

November 8

Met Lady Mountbatten. At prayer meeting ,advised decontrol of cloth. Gave interview to Burmese delegation.

November 9

Addressed prayer meeting .

November 10

Visited Panipat. At prayer meeting welcomed accession of Junagadh to Indian Union.

November 11

Gandhiji was in Delhi . Had talks with Shankarrao Deo , J.B. Kripalani, Rajendra Prasad, Manibehn Patel and Amrit kaur. Attended Congress Working Committee meeting . In his address at prayer meeting defended Government of India having taken over administration in Junagadh.

November 12

Had talks with Muslim student and H. S. Suhrawardy . Broadcasted message for refugees at Kurukshetra Camp from All India Radio in the afternoon. Attended Congress Working Committee meeting. Addressed prayer meeting .

November 13

Attended Congress Working committee meeting Had talks with Rajendra Prasad, Sucheta Kripalani, H.S. Suhrawardy, Dr. Jivraj Mehta, Profulla Chandra Ghosh, Shankarrao Deo, B. G. Kher, Jawaharlal Nehru,
Prabhavati and Anantrai Pattani. Addressed prayer meeting.

November 14

Attended Congress Working Committee meeting. Had talks with Rajendra Prasad, Mridula Sarabhai, Dr. Kitchlew , Sudhir Ghosh and H. S. Suhrawardy. Addressed prayer meeting. Burma Independence Bill passed in House of Commons.

November 15

Gandhiji attended Congress working Committee meeting . Had talks with Rajendra Prasad, J. B. Kripalani, C. Rajagopalachari Sudhir Ghosh, Jawaharlal Nehru, Dada Dharmadhikari and Anantrai Pattani. Addressed A. I. C. C. meeting . Resolutions on “Rights of Minorities’’ , ‘‘Repatriation of Refugees’’ and ‘‘States’’ passed by A. I. C. C. J. B. Kripalani resigned from Congress Presidentship. Gandhiji addressed prayer meeting .

November 16

Attended Congress Working Committee meeting . Had talks with H.S. Suhrawardy, Vallabhbhai Patel and Jawaharlal Nehru . Resolutions on ‘Communal Disturbances’’, ‘‘Private Armies’’, ‘‘Controls’’, ‘‘The Congress Constitution’’ and ‘‘Congress Objectives ’’ passed by A. I. G. C.

November 17

Gandhiji attended congress Working Committee meeting. Had talks with Rameshwari Nehru, A. V. Thakkar, Horace Alexander, Jamnadas Dwarkadas and Rammanohar Lohia . His speech was read out at prayer
meeting . A. I.C .C accepted J. B. Kripalani’s resignation, elected Rajendra Prasad as President and concluded its session.

November 18

Gandhiji had talks with Rajendra Prasad Jaya-Prakash Narayan , Jawaharlal Nehru , Dr. Syed Mahmud, Sucheta Kripalani , Gopalaswami Iyengar , Dewan of Rampur, Shah Nawaz Khan, Dada Dharmadhikari, Gopalrao and Achyut Patwardhan. Explained Cogress Resolution on “Rights of Minorities” in his prayer address and appealed to People to support and follow it . Constituent Assembly met for the first time as Dominion Parliament. G. V. Mavalankar elected its Speaker.

November 19

Gandhiji had talks with Rajendra Prasad, Rameshwari Nehru , Amrit Kaur , Dr. Syed Mahmud, Sir Akbar Hydari , Jairamdas Doulatram, Shah Nawaz Khan , Mahamayaprasad, H. S. Suhrawardy and Lord Ismay.
Addressed prayer meeting .

November 20

Had talks with Rajendra Prasad, Shankarrao Deo, C. Rajagopalachari, Sophiabehn and Sudhir Ghosh . Visited Refugee camp near Okhla along with Sucheta Kripalani in afternoon. Went to Government House to meet C.Rajagopalachari and ailing Sarojini Naidu. Addressed Prayer meeting. Indian Resolution calling for a Round Table Conference on treatment of Indians in South Africa failed to pass in United Nations General Assembly. Princess Elizabeth married Philip Mountbatten.

November 21

Gandhiji had talks with Rajendra Prasad Shankarrao Deo, Rameshwari Nehru, Choithram Gidwani , K. C. Neogi, Jawaharlal Nehru , Egyption Delegation , Ram-manohar Lohia, Dr. Chimanlal and Harekrushna Mehtab. Addressed Prayer meeting .

November 22

Had talks with Rajendra Prasad , Rameshwari Nehru, Mahavir Tyagi , Gopalaswamy Ayyangar, John Matthai, Shah Nawaz Khan , Mridula Sarabhai , Nalini Sen , Indira Gandhi , Pheroz Gandhi , Gopalrao Kale , Rammanohar Lohia, Sucheta Kripalani , Naliniranjan Sarkar and Vallabhbhai Patel. Addressed prayer meeting .

November 23

Had talks with Rajendra Prasad, Horace Alexander , B. G. Kher, Morarji Desai , Maharani of Vijayanagar , Sophiabehn , Reddiar , A. V. Thakkar, K. Srinivasan, Dr. Gopichand Bhargava , Vallabhbhai Patel, Khandubhai Desai, Girijashankar Bajpai and Jawaharlal Nehru. Addressed prayer meeting . Visited ailing Manibehn Patel.

November 24

His Speech was read out at prayer meeting . Met Rajendra Prasad , C. Rajagopalachari , Horace Alexander Mridula Sarabhai, Anantrai Pattani ,Khwaja Abdul Majid, Rameshwari Nehru , Brijlal Nehru , Raja of Bilaspur and Amrit Kaur.

November 25

Had talks with Rajendra Prasad , Khwaja Abdul Majid , Sophiabehn, Aruna Asaf Ali, Subhadra Gupta, Jawaharlal Nehru , Amrit Kaur and Lady Mountbatten . Addressed prayer meeting.

November 26

Had talks with Rajendra Prasad , C. Rajagopalachari , Abul Kalam Azad , Rameshwari Nehru , Gopinath Bardoloi and Jawaharlal Nehru. Addressed prayer meeting. Vithoba temple at Pandharpur thrown open to Harijans . Lord Mountbatten resumed office of Governor-General. Ceylon Independence Bill passed by House of Commons.

November 27

Gandhiji called on Lord Mountbatten. Visited ailing Liaquat Ali. Had talks with Rajendra Prasad , J. B. Kripalani, Sheikh Abdullah, Jamnadas Dwarkadas and Balwantrai Mehta. Addressed prayer meeting .

November 28

Had talks with American visitors , Sheikh Abdullah , Abul kalam Azad , Dr .Sjahrir, Vallabhbhai Patel and Jawaharlal Nehru . Spoke at Guru Nanak birthday celebration. Addressed prayer meeting .

November 29

Had talks with Rajendra Prasad , C. Rajagopalachari Surendra Mohan Ghosh , Muslims from Panipat and Jawaharlal Nehru. Addressed Prayer meeting .

November 30

Had talks with Maulanas , Kasturbhai Lalbhai Shah, S. Radhakrishnan Vallabhbhai Patel, Dinshaw K. Mehta and Jehangir Patel. Addressed prayer meeting . Agreement signed between India and Hyderabad.

December 1

Gandhiji had talks with Lt-Gen. K. M. Cariappa, Rajendra Prasad , Dinshaw K . Mehta ,Jehangir C. Patel and Jawaharlal Nehru . His speech was read out at prayer meeting.

December 2

Visited Panipat , had talks with Muslim refugees, Muslim leaders and Dr. Gopichand Bhargava . Spoke at public meeting . Met Mridula Sarabhai. Addressed prayer meeting

December 3

Had talks with Mehra Chand Khanna , Kamaladevi Chattopadhyaya, Bakshi Ghulam Mohammed , Lt-Gen.K. M. Cariappa and Jawaharlal Nehru. Addressed prayer meeting

December 4

Had talks with Amrit kaur Jehangir C.Patel, khurshed Naoroji, Burmese Premier and Syamaprasad Mukherjee. Addressed prayer meeting.

December 5

Had talks with Rajendra Prasad , Anugrahanarayan Singh , Mridula Sarabhai , Ghanshyam Singh Gupta, Jawaharlal Nehru , Renuka Ray, Dr. Jivraj Mehta and Annada Chowdhary. Addressed prayer meeting.

December 6

Had talks with Horace Alexander , Khurshed Naoroji, Abul kalam Azad, Vallabhbhai Patel, Saralabehn Sarabhai, G. V. Mavalankar and M. S. Subbulakshmi. Subbulakashmi sang bhajan at Prayer meeting. Gandhiji addressed the gathering. Inter-Dominion Conference held in Lahore to consider ways and means for restoration of abducted women and forced converts.

December 7

Gandhiji addressed Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust meeting. Had talks with Sindhi Friends , Vallabhbhai Patel, Jawaharlal Nehru , Sucheta Kripalani and Mridula Sarabhai . In his address at prayer meeting stated that restoration of abducted women should be a matter of first priority with Indian and Pakistan Governments.

December 8

Had talks with U. N. Dhebar , Bhaktiba C. P. Ramaswami , Sucheta Kripalani, J. B. Kripalani, Renuka Ray and Jawaharlal Nehru. His speech was read out at prayer meeting. Control on sugar removed.

December 9

Gandhiji had Talks with shankarrao Deo , Saralabehn Sarabhai , Khurshed Naoroji and Jawaharlal Nehru. Attended meetings of Kasturba Gandhiji National memorial Trust and All-India Spinners’ Association. Had discussion with wom