Workshop on Health and Hand Hygiene

Commemorative Programs

On April 7, 2018, at the Zila School Motihari, the Samiti took part in a workshop with teachers from different schools in the town sharing their experiences on health and hygiene. Trainers from Sulabh Sanitation Clubs led by Mr. Rupak and Ms. Samiksha; from GSDS, Dr. Manju Rani Aggarwal, Shri Rajdeep Pathak shared their thoughts about health and sanitation and its importance. Group exercises and games formed an integral part of the workshop where the staff of GSDS also actively participated.

Dr. Manju Aggarwal while speaking on the benefits of hand washing also demonstrated the hand washing techniques. It was time and again reiterated that water should be conserved and that minimum water should be used while washing hands.

As part of the setting up of the Sanitation Clubs, two students from six schools were chosen as ‘Student Leaders’ who were being trained to take up the awareness campaigns in other institutions in Motihari and other nearby places. These schools included: Sir Thomas Edison Public High School; Modern Public School; Kendriya Vidyalaya, Motihari; MJK (+2) Inter-College Vidyalaya; RUM School, Jakhara Colony and S J S Shantiniketan Jubilee School, Motihari.

Teachers from MS Memorial Public School, Balganga; Sir Thomas Edison Public High School; Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Peeprakothi, and others also took part.

Group presentations from various groups generated new ideas where participation of the management, teachers, students, and parents were viewed as an integral part of making this whole campaign successful. The groups that presented their viewpoints included:

  1. Gandhi Swachchatta Team
  2. Swachhangan
  3. Swatantra Bharat Swachchatta Party, Swachh Vidyalaya Samaj Party.
  4. It was further decided to initiate the door-to-door campaign, encourage young students to recycle waste and to place dustbins in schools.

    The organizers – GSDS and Sulabh International – felt that one could develop “Gandhi Mitras” and “Sulabh Mitras” to generate maximum awareness and take the project at a large scale. The workshop at Zila School concluded with Shri Rajdeep Pathak giving an introduction of the GSDS and its activities and interaction with the teachers.

    Earlier during the day, Dr. Manju Aggarwal demonstrated the use of the Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine and Destroyer to the female students and teachers of the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya at Peeprakothi where the Vending machine and Incinerator was set up.

    Sharing his observations about the whole idea of sanitation clubs and workshops and health and hygiene, Director GSDS, Shri Dipanker Shri Gyan, while speaking to media persons in Motihari said: “Developing good hygiene habits should start as early as when a child can independently hold a hairbrush and start brushing her/his teeth. It is important to teach a child the importance of good health through routine hygiene such as washing one’s hands before each meal, washing one’s hands following use of the bathroom, brushing one’s teeth at least twice a day, washing one’s face every morning and taking bath every day. All these lead to the development of healthy habits.”

    He further added, Promotion of personal hygiene and environmental sanitation in schools helps children to adopt good habits during their formative childhood. Mostly whatever children learn in school they can and often do pass on in their families and communities”.