Teacher’s Training on Importance of Peace and Non-violent Communication between Teachers and Students

Programmes in the North East

A training programme for “Teachers on Importance of Peace and Non-violent Communication between Teachers and Students” was organized by Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, New Delhi in association with Jamuna Devi Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Umrangso on August 16-17, 2019. About 70 teachers and principals took part in this training programme from different schools of Umrangso. Including resource persons, volunteers and organizers more than 75 people were persent during the workshop.
Shri Kanti Deb Nath, Principal J.D Hagjer College, Umrangso was the key speaker of the programme. He said, the essence of professional education includes transmitting not only knowledge, but also values and attitudes from one generation to the next. He suggested that there are many ways to peace – such as ‘Observe’, ‘Mediate’, ‘Forgive’, ‘Listen’, ‘Surrender’.
Ms. Biva Johari, Principal of Dimaraji School, Umrangso also spoke on the occasion. On Second day Mr. Malay Krishna Das from Kapili High School spoke on teaching aspects and conflict between teachers and students. He said Respect of teachers and Compassion for students both are equally important in teaching practices.
Mr. Hoichungling Khelma from Khelma Federation another speaker of the day talked about the Gandhi’s nonviolence and his life.
Representative from GSDS, Mr. Gulshan Gupta has also presented his presentation on the subject both the days. First day the presentation was based on Gandhian theory of nonviolent communication. In which he shared famous Gandhian activist and follower of Gandhi’s philosophy Late Sh. Natwar Thakkar’s idea of Nonviolent Communication Literacy, where he talked about the ability and capacity to communicate not only with ourselves but with the society.