Know Yourself – An Orientation Programme for Youth


For Self-realization, Mahatma Gandhi once coined a path when he said: “The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others”. With these understandings, a three-day camp, titled “Main Ki Khoj” was organized in Gandhi Darshan Samiti in collaboration with Gandhi Peace Foundation (GPF) from May 4-6, 2018. Several Gandhian thinkers and academicians such as Shri Annamallai, Shri Ramchandra Rahi, President Gandhi Smarak Nidhia; Shri Sanjay Damyantiji, Secretary Gandhi Smarak Nidhi; Shri Kumar Prashant, Chairperson GPF, Shri Dipanker Shri Gyan, Director GSDS, Smt Geeta Shukla, Research Officer, GSDS and others took part in the programme.

While addressing the participants, Shri Annamallai embarked on a discussion while pointing that Self has the pivotal role in the full-fledged development of the whole nation. He pointed that “If your mind is full then first empty it, then only it will be possible to enter new ideas within you and then only you will be able to think about the new ideas, the society and the country”.

Further, Shri Ramchandra Rahi spoke on the vicious role of Market, Monarchy and Development in playing a crucial role and changing the mindsets and beliefs and actions of the people. According to Shri Rahi, “The independence movement was a sacred thread of love and trust, but after independence there came a period in which we went into hatred, violence and untouchability, leaving us caught between these two differences”. He further claimed the reason for being trapped in these differences is that “We have been woven by changing scenarios in market, monarchy and the development”, which he further elaborated as:

  • MARKET: Today the market is enticing us; it works as “Sell what they have”. The market buys our physical ability, talents and qualities and at last, we sit down by emptying our own pockets. It is unfortunate that today's market is learning how to meet artificial needs which actually leads to temporary upliftment only.
  • MONARCHY: The purpose of Swaraj has been misused. At the time of Independence, the intention was not just about the development of the Congress but about overall development which has been changed gradually. Earlier, elections were the stepping stone for public services particularly for the people who had dedicated their lives to the society. But, nowadays elections are being fought on the strength of the capital, the force of the party, the force of the corporate, on the strength of the power of religion and the bureaucracy.
  • DEVELOPMENT: According to Hind Swaraj, "This development is a mad blind race, it is taking us towards destruction and we all should leave this path and work for development with the help of nature and society.
    • In his deliberations, Shri Kumar Prashant undertook the concept of searching and finding ourselves amidst the exterior environment. He said that we never think about ourselves but just keep thinking about others and also from the day we will start thinking about our individual self, we will definitely start searching for it. He added that the place where you stand in the crowd determines your search for yourself. He also apprised participants about the National Youth Organization, its purpose, values, methodology, symbols, Satyagraha and membership.

      Shri Dipankar Shri Gyan shared the experiences of his life and work succinctly, eventually leading towards the way that today a person can go forward only if S/he wants to give something to the society.

      In addition to these aforementioned sessions and open sessions, the camp worked successfully to inculcate activities such as shramdaan, yoga and cultural activities, and other such creative activities.