Central Jail no. 16, Mandoli Jail Workshop on Gender sensitization and Menstrual Health


The Samiti organized a workshop on “Gender sensitization and Menstrual Health” in Central Jail no 16, Mandoli Jail on September 6, 2019. The aim of workshop in Tihar, Mandoli Jail, was to get the attention of the women prisoners towards the themes that the organization encourage them to think about changes in the thinking of peoples about Gender Sensitization and Menstrual Health & Hygiene and Natural therapy. The session begin with an introduction about Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti to the participant by Ms. Asha and further more information about the museum of Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samti was given by Ms. Shobha.
Dr. Manju Aggarwal while speaking about gender sensitization said that gender sensitization helps adolescent girl and women in examining their personal attitudes and beliefs on questioning the realities they though they know. She also told about personal hygiene during menstruation. She encouraged the prisoners to keep themselves neat and clean. She also highlighted the dangers of open defecation. She further gave demo on hand hygiene through hast mudra vigyan.
Various activities were performed by prisoners such as one of the prisoners recited a motivational poem and another prisoner had sung a motivational song.
Division of group and group exercise was conducted by Ms. Asha and Shobha. 64 participants were divided into five groups. These groups made drawings and wrote slogans on chart papers.
Jail Superintendent Ms. Neeta Neegi later took feedback from the participating prisoners. The programme concluded by distributing certificates to the participants.