Strengthening Immunity during Pandemic


Good Immunity is the most essential key measure that one must take care to fight with any form of viruses in our lives. The Covid-19 pandemic has focused on the role of the immune system more than ever before. The significance of good immune system and how to develop a good and strong immune system was discussed in an online Webinar on the theme “Boosting Immunity and Maintaining Health with Alternate Medicine”, organized by Gandhi Samiti and Darshan Samiti on May 23, 2020. The webinar included 80 members including health experts, students, trainees, academics yogacharyas and GSDS staff members. Rajdeep Pathak, Programme Executive GSDS moderated the session. Shri Pankaj Sharma, Technical Associate GSDS provided technical support by hosting this session.
Initiating the discussion, Director GSDS, Shri Dipanker Shri Gyan spoke about the growing concern of health amongst children and adults and people in general in this time of coronavirus that has engulfed humanity. He also highlighted the benefits of nature cure treatment and said how Mahatma Gandhi strongly believed in this whole form of cure which he applied to himself, his wife and also his children whenever they required.
Delivering the online interactive lecture Dr. Manju Rani Aggarwal, from the NITRD (National Institute of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases) shared valuable inputs about different types of “pranayama” (Yoga) to stay safe and healthy and boost immunity. She reflected on several asanas such as: Anulom Vilom pranayama facilitates proper functioning of body. She said, “Padmasan” is the easiest and the most vital pranayama to control health and mind”.
She stated many therapies like Naturopathy is a drugless therapy that involves the use of “panchmahabhutas” or the five elements of nature to restore and build up health. She said that ‘Naturopathy’ restores vitality by supporting body’s own healing mechanism naturally. She also described in details the concept of ‘Chromotherapy’ or the therapy associated with colours. “These colours shows different treatments for different diseases when water and oil are exposed to sun”, she said. White colour symbolizes skeletal system and provides natural calcium to bones, violet for good sleep; indigo for anti-inflammatory diseases; blue for nervous system and throat; green for ailments for eyes and liver; yellow helps in full excretion; orange increases appetite. While reflecting on ‘Hydrotheraphy’ or the use of water – to relieve discomfort and promote physical well being – Dr. Aggarwal said that ‘Hydrotherapy’ relaxes, stimulates immune system, reduces stress and reduces inflammation. Thereafter, Dr. Aggarwal spoke about proper intake of nutrients while discussing about food therapy.
Through various “hast mudras” or yoga through hand postures – that can be practiced anytime and anywhere – Dr. Manju spoke about ‘Gyan mudra’ (the most effective hand gesture that works on uniting the soul to the ultimate supreme soul); ‘Vaat mudra’ (the simplest and most effective method of calming vaat, pitt and kaph); ‘Apan mudra’ (that helps in improving the lower body) and (‘Pran mudra’ represents life force and activates the flow of life forces.
The interactive session saw several queries related to the therapies with special emphasis on the procedures and use the colour therapy for effective results.