Competition for Students

As part of 75 years of India’s Independence and celebration of Azadi Ka Amrit Mohatsav

1. Poetry Competition
(In Hindi or English – upto 20 lines)
• For children from Class V-XII
The Mahatma as I Understand Him
How can I bring Gandhi into my life?

2. Essay Writing Competition
(in Hindi or English – in 500 Words)
• For children from Class VIII-XII
1) The Relevance of Mahatma Gandhi in Contemporary Times
2) How Do I bring Gandhi into my life today?
3) Mahatma Gandhi in Government planning and schemes
4) Why I am influenced by Mahatma Gandhi.

3. Painting/Poster Making Competition
• For children from Class V-XII
• A-3 Paper Size only
1) Gandhi as I understand Him
2) Gandhi and Sanitation
3) Gandhi and Environment
4) Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy of Nonviolence

4. One-Minute Video Film Making Competition
(in Hindi or English)
• For children from Class VIII-XII
Gandhi as you know him
Nonviolence in our daily life
1. Entries should reach by February 28, 2022.
2. Children must clearly write in Capital Letter their name; address; mobile number; class and name of school; date of birth; in their submission papers.
3. Entries can be submitted through email on gandhismriti[dot]competition[at]gmail[dot]com or will be received at Gandhi Smriti, 5 Tees January Marg, New Delhi – 110011.
4. Certificate of Participation will be given to all